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BitScope Micro Oscilloscope & Analyzer voor Raspberry Pi

BitScope Micro Oscilloscope & Analyzer voor Raspberry Pi
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Artikelcode: BS-BS05U
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The BS05U is a fully featured mixed signal test & measurement system. A mixed signal scope in a probe!


  • 20 MHz Bandwidth.
  • 40 MSps Logic Capture.
  • 2 Analog Scope Channels.
  • 2 Analog Comparator channels.
  • 6 Logic/Protocol Analyzer channels.
  • 8 & 12 native analog sample resolution.
  • Decodes Serial, SPI, I2C, CAN and more.
  • Windows, Linux, Mac OS X & Raspberry Pi.
  • Built-in analog waveform & clock generators.
  • User programmable, C/C++, Python, VM API.
  • Tiny, light weight (12g) and water resistant.
  • Includes 10 mixed signal test probes, USB cable and software

Powerful software, flexible solutions...

BS05 is no toy. It works with the full suite of BitScope software and it's fully user programmable. Program it in a variety of languages including C/C++, Python and Pascal or integrate it with third party software.

You can even program it directly via the BitScope VM API; all you need is a spare USB port and if you want to use it remotely or share it among multiple clients, simply plug it into a Raspberry Pi or any Windows, Mac or linux system and fire up BitScope Server for a full IP addressable network connected test, measurement and data acquisition system.

It's a dual channel oscilloscope...

BS05 is a real dual channel digital oscilloscope with fully compensated 1M/20pF analog inputs.

It's specifically designed to be able to be used with standard oscilloscope probes.

All that's needed is a two pin header to BNC adapter which can be made for a few dollars using standard off-the-shelf components.

In addition to the supplied set of mixed signal clips it means the full range of scope probes designed for any BitScope can be used.

In fact probes sourced from anywhere can be used so if you already have them, they'll work with BS05. For example, use 10:1 probes like PRB-04 when a higher input impedance is required or when looking at voltages higher than 12V.

BS05 is not designed for use with the BitScope dual channel active differential probe DP01 (for that you need BS10).

Check out more detailed information at the manufacturers website.

Merk: BitScope
EAN: 9349078000019
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