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Arduino Sensor Kit

Arduino Sensor Kit
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The Arduino Sensor Kit is made for Makers who are searching for a set of the best sensors to connect to their Arduino board, and want explore the vast space of electronics, programming, and measuring. The Kit teaches how to connect and program basic Grove modules that includes both sensors and actuators along with the Arduino Uno (or other Arduino Boards with the same form factor). 

Before getting started with the Arduino Sensor Kit, you need to have an Arduino UNO board at your side. Just plug the Arduino Sensor Kit into the Arduino UNO board, then you're ready to go enjoy coding! To make it even easier there are step-by-step tutorials, please go to to find those high-quality lessons provided by Arduino.

The Major Difference

Well, they look alike, but they are very different: the new Arduino Sensor Kit
need to work with Arduino UNO while the Grove Beginner Kit can work alone.

  • The Grove Beginner Kit is a kit with Arduino Compatible Control Board( Seeeduino Lotus-compatible with Arduino UNO). So customers do not need to buy an Arduino Board separately.
  • The Arduino Sensor Kit replace the Lotus board with Grove Base shield.

Other Difference

The Grove Beginner Kit has 12 Grove connectors on the Lotus board while the
Arduino Sensor Kit has 16 Grove connectors on the base shield.

The Grove connector in the center of the board has a different pin number and layout.

LED with PWM

The LED modules in the Grove Beginner Kit connected to the D4 pin of Arduino, which doesn't support PWM function, so users can't use PWM to control the brightness of LED. In the Arduino Sensor Kit, we exchanged the pins of the LED module and the button module. The LED is connected to the D6 pin, which supports PWM.

Pin Map

In the Grove Beginner Kit, the Light Sensor is connected to the A6 pin. However, since there is no pin A6 on the Arduino UNO, we connect the Light Sensor to pin A3 in the Arduino Sensor Kit.


  • Co-produced by Arduino and Seeed
  • Plug & play addition to the Arduino Uno
  • 10 most commonly used electronics modules
  • All modules are pre-wired on the PCB, no wiring required
  • High-quality online lessons provided by Arduino
  • Perfect for Steam Education and Online Education

10 Sensors and Modules Included in the kit

The Arduino Sensor Kit has exactly the same modules as the Grove Beginner Kit.


  • Power Supply: 3.3V/5V
  • Dimensions: 175mm * 115mm * 28mm
  • Net Weight: 77g
  • Digital Grove Header: 7(D2,D3,D4,D5,D6,D7,D8)
  • Analog Grove Header: 4(A0,A1,A2,A3)
  • I2C Grove Header: 4
  • UART Grove Header: 1
  • Support: Arduino Core, Arduino UNO, Arduino Leonardo, Arduino Zero
  • Certification: FCC/CE
Merk: Seeed Studio
MPN: TPX00031
EAN: 7630049202979
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