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Arduino Pro Gateway for LoRa

Arduino Pro Gateway for LoRa
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Arduino Pro is a one-stop-shop for all of your LoRa® and LoRaWAN™ needs. Whether inside a large industrial space, at an outdoor agricultural site, or monitoring a fleet of vehicles in a city, the LoRa® PRO Gateway is the easiest way to collect data from and send control commands to your devices.

The LoRa® protocol is the tool of choice when building simple, inexpensive, and easy to maintain wireless infrastructures. Use this kit to deploy your solutions quickly using an existing wired network to ensure a fast connection between your devices and the Arduino IoT Cloud.

Thanks to its high interference immunity and on-chip end-to-end encryption, LoRa® is the most suitable solution in deployments ranging from tens to thousands of devices. At low level, data is multiplexed through 8 channels using the so-called Listen Before Talk feature that ensures a neglectable collision rate between data packages.

 Design and service industrial wireless solutions, connect devices to the Arduino IoT Cloud via the LoRaWAN™ low-power / long-range standard


Key Features

  • CONNECT 1000S OF DEVICES: Optimized for Arduino MKR WAN 1310, our battery-powered LoRa® mote.
  • EASY SOFTWARE CONFIGURATION: Configure your gateways in minutes with Arduino's IoT Cloud wizard.
  • RUNS ON SEMTECH’S CHIPSET: Powered by technology from the creators of the LoRa protocol.
  • SPECTRAL SCAN THROUGH FPGA: Improved channel tuning via exhaustive analysis of the radio spectrum.


Use Cases

 Leverage Arduino’s LoRa® infrastructure in multiple cases:

  • Automated remote readers
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Smart cities
  • Preemptive maintenance
  • M2M infrastructure
  • Fleet management
  • Domestic automation
  • Security systems and alarms
  • Outdoor agricultural devices
  • Industrial control


Every PRO Gateway Includes Hardware and Software

 The Arduino LoRa® PRO Gateway is the result of a collaboration between Arduino and partner companies specialized in different aspects of the technology at hand: radio-specialized processors, high frequency circuit design, and protocols for the management of large amounts of devices in WAN area networks. More than a kit, the PRO Gateway, together with it’s software and cloud management tools, is a platform for quick deployment of solutions.

 Kit's Components

 The components in the kit include:

  • LoRa® SX1301 baseband chipset
  • Adapter for embedded computer
  • Fully equipped aluminum enclosure
  • Oneboard computer (RPi 3 or better)
  • External power supply (5V)
  • Ethernet cable
  • External antenna

Assembly instructions

 The PRO Gateway can be easily assembled following the assembly guide.

 Configuration wizard

 Configuring the Gateway is done through a step-by-step configuration wizard.

Merk: Arduino
MPN: AKX00016
EAN: 7630049200807
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