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Kitronik Micro USB Lamp Kit - 1W LED V2.0

Kitronik Micro USB Lamp Kit - 1W LED V2.0
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The newest version of the very popular Micro USB Lamp Kit allows you to build an economic mains powered lamp that takes power from a standard Micro USB phone charger (available separately). The previous version was built using a breakout board, V2.0 features a board designed specifically for purpose which means that the kit is now much neater and easier to build.

The kit comprises a very bright 1W Power LED which connects (with the cable provided) to a PCB that has a power switch, Micro USB connector and power resistor.

All that is required to assemble the kit is to connect the LED to the desired length of cable and solder the other end of the cable, the resistor, and the switch to the board.


  • Easy to build lamp kit.
  • Ultra bright 1W Power LED.




  • Max Built Height: 12mm.
  • PCB Length: 44mm.
  • PCB Width: 25mm.
  • PCB Height: 1.5mm.

Technical Information

Attribute Value
PCB Length 44mm.
PCB Width 25mm.
PCB Component Count 3.
Voltage Nominal 5V.
Voltage Range 3.5V to 6V.
Current Max at Nominal Voltage 0.3A.



Merk: Kitronik
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