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Protowaffle Protoboard SSOP-20 Rev. 1.0

Protowaffle Protoboard SSOP-20 Rev. 1.0
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Artikelcode: KW-2904
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What the Waffle has to offer:

  • Beautiful and functional gold plating (ENIG) against a matte black soldering mask.
  • One SSOP-20 footprint (Wide and Narrow variants).
  • Two SOT-23-6 footprints, compatible with SOT-23-3.
  • Two-pole power-rail running down the middle of the board on alternating pads.
  • Traces from one end of the board to the other, and to the other side of the board through via pads.
  • Through hole pins on the side of the board that connect with traces to the small pads, acting as solderable jumpers.
  • Easily converted to a breakout board for all compatible footprints by bringing a series of jumper pads along the edge of the ProtoWaffle.
  • The smaller pads that surround the board can be used as jumpers and are via holes.
  • The Grid of pads are designed to take all the major footprints used by surface mount devices anywhere on the grid such as: SMA, SMB, SMC, and SOT-23-3
  • 2 Oz, heavy copper traces and pads. This is twice the weight used by our competitors. This ensures the pads don’t lift off the board as well as safely carry higher current and higher frequencies without heating up.
  • Extra Sturdy 1.6mm high quality baseboard.
Merk: Kiwi Electronics
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