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BBC micro:bit - Boards, Bundles & Accessories

The BBC micro:bit is a pocket-sized computer that introduces you to how software and hardware work together. It has an LED light display, buttons, sensors and many input/output features that, when programmed, let it interact with you and your world.

The new micro:bit with sound adds a built-in microphone and speaker, as well as an extra touch input button and a power button.

Stock: In Stock Model: KW-2780
These 10 cases made for the micro:bit v2 protect the vulnerable parts of the micro: bits while all connectors and buttons remain accessible and the LED matrix is ​​clearly visible.The A and B buttons are marked and the case keeps the bottom Edge Connector pins completely free for use with the Ed..
€ 34.95
Ex Tax: € 28.88
Stock: In Stock Model: DF-TOY0086
DFRobot’s Boson starter kit for micro:bit includes 8 well selected modules, covering most popular digital and analog sensors and actuators, supporting sound, light and motion interaction. Modules communicate with the micro bit via a 3-Pin interface and are perfectly compatible with Microsoft M..
€ 94.95
Ex Tax: € 78.47
Stock: In Stock Model: PIM-364
Make a friendly weather station to sit on your windowsill, that keeps track of temperature, pressure, humidity, light and colour, and sound. A perfect way to introduce kids to sensors and science.Our Pimoroni bit:kits make it simple for anyone to get started with making and coding! The..
€ 51.95
Ex Tax: € 42.93
Stock: In Stock Model: DF-MBT0013
Environment Science Board for micro: bit is designed with highly symbolic trees, houses, and snowy mountains. On a wide and easy-to-use PCB, it integrates many sensor modules of nature and science. Including UV sensor, temperature sensor, humidity sensor, air pressure sensor, sound sensor, color sen..
€ 72.95
Ex Tax: € 60.29
Stock: In Stock Model: KW-2573
(H-)Bridge the gap between Fischertechnik STEM kits and the BBC microbit with the Interface board for microbit and Fischertchnik. This board provides an alternative method for control motors and components in the Fischertechnik range.Designed to run from a 9V PP3 battery (as used in Fischertechn..
€ 13.95
Ex Tax: € 11.53
Stock: In Stock Model: WS-14983
When KitiBot meets micro:bit, when kids meet programming, the mysterious robotics becomes simple, each interesting idea will come true. By using the graphical programming software, learning programming, and exploring robotics would be as easy as building blocks.This KitiBot tracked robot kit use..
€ 79.95
Ex Tax: € 66.07
Stock: In Stock Model: KW-2697
Develop your coding skills with the Kitronik :MOVE Motor for micro:bit, a fun introduction to buggies and robotics.The Kitronik :MOVE Motor for the BBC micro:bit provides a fun introduction to buggy robotics. More than just a programmable buggy, learning to use all of the included features will ..
€ 32.95
Ex Tax: € 27.23
Stock: In Stock Model: KW-2750
The :MOVE Motor Klaw provides a fun and easy to install addition to the Kitronik :MOVE Motor buggy for microbit. It has been carefully designed to have the ability to fit both vertically and horizontally with one bolt. Included are two types of Klaw attachments for each of these builds.It is co..
€ 9.95
Ex Tax: € 8.22
Stock: In Stock Model: KW-2612
Kitronik :VIEW text32 LCD Screen for the BBC micro bitGet meaningful text readouts from your microbit projects with the Kitronik :VIEW Text32, a 32 character 2 line display that has a microbit style edge connector.The Kitronik :VIEW Text32 character LCD, for those times when the LED Ma..
€ 22.50
Ex Tax: € 18.60
Stock: In Stock Model: KW-5681
KITRONIK ALARM CLOCK KITThe Kitronik Alarm Clock Kit with ZIP Halo HD for microbit provides a fun introduction to features of Halo HD. This kit features a modified version of Halo HD, all of the parts required to build the clock, and also power accessories. To get you started we have i..
€ 42.50
Ex Tax: € 35.12
Stock: In Stock Model: KW-2610
Develop your coding skills with the Kitronik ARCADE, a fully featured programmable gamepad for use with the MakeCode Arcade block editor.The MakeCode Arcade editor has been designed to allow everyone, from beginners to experienced game enthusiasts, to create retro arcade games to run in the brow..
€ 41.95
Ex Tax: € 34.67
Stock: In Stock Model: KW-2614
€ 5.50
Ex Tax: € 4.55
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Orders placed before 17:00h (Mon-Fri) are shipped the same day.
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Not satisfied? With us you have a 30-day return period.
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We ship to almost anywere in the world using UPS.