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Adafruit is a well-known name in the manufacturing industry and is known for such products as the Feather, Circuit Playground and easy to use breakout boards which are all very well documented. Adafruit designs and manufactures their own products at their facility in New York City.

Kiwi Electronics is one of the largest Dutch distributors of Adafruit products. We have a large range of Adafruit products with our own local stock. And if you cannot find a product, please contact us!

Stock: In Stock Model: ADA-4516
The Adafruit Feather Bluefruit Sense takes Adafruit's popular Feather nRF52840 Express and adds a smorgasbord of sensors to make a great wireless sensor platform. This Feather microcontroller comes with Bluetooth Low Energy and native USB support featuring the nRF52840!  This Feather is an 'all..
€ 34.95
Ex Tax: € 28.88
Stock: In Stock Model: ADA-4884
A new chip means a new Feather, and the Raspberry Pi RP2040 is no exception. When Adafruit saw this chip they thought "this chip is going to be awesome when we give it the Feather Treatment" and so they did! This Feather features the RP2040, and all niceties you know and love about Fe..
€ 13.95
Ex Tax: € 11.53
Stock: In Stock Model: ADA-3045
This is the Assembled FeatherWing OLED: it adds a 128x32 monochrome OLED plus 3 user buttons to any Feather main board. Comes fully assembled so you can connect a FeatherWing on top of your Feather board and let the board take flight, no soldering required!These displays are small, only about 1&..
€ 34.95
Ex Tax: € 28.88
Stock: In Stock Model: ADA-3501
DescriptionThe Adafruit Gemma M0 is a super small microcontroller board, with just enough built-in to create many simple projects. It may look small and cute: round, about the size of a quarter, with friendly alligator-clip sew pads. But do not be fooled! The Gemma M0 is incredibly powerful! We&..
€ 11.95
Ex Tax: € 9.88
Stock: In Stock Model: ADA-4172
Squeeeeze down your next ESP32 project to its bare-bones essential with the Adafruit HUZZAH32 Breakout. This breakout is basically the 'big sister' of our HUZZAH 8266, but instead of an ESP8266 it has the '32! Adafruit have pared down the popular Feather ESP32, removing the battery charg..
€ 16.25
Ex Tax: € 13.43
Stock: In Stock Model: ADA-4226
This breakout board may well be the last current sensing solution you every need to buy. Not only can it do the work of two multimeters, but it can do it with amazing precision and flexibility. With it you can measure high or low side DC current, the bus voltage, and have it automatically calculate ..
€ 11.95
Ex Tax: € 9.88
Stock: In Stock Model: ADA-3677
What's smaller than a Feather but larger than a Trinket? It's an ItsyBitsy! Small, powerful, Arduino-compatible - this microcontroller board is perfect when you want something very compact, but still with a bunch of pins.ItsyBitsy is only 35mm long by 18mm wide, but has 6 power pins, 6 a..
€ 11.95
Ex Tax: € 9.88
Adafruit LSM303AGR Accelerometer Magnetometer - STEMMA QT Qwiic Adafruit LSM303AGR Accelerometer Magnetometer - STEMMA QT Qwiic
New Out Of Stock
Model: ADA-4413
Do you know which way the wind blows? You will now, with this triple-axis accelerometer/magnetometer compass module. Inside are two sensors, one is a classic 3-axis accelerometer, which can tell you which direction is down towards the Earth (by measuring gravity). The other is a magnetometer that ca..
€ 10.95
Ex Tax: € 9.05
Stock: In Stock Model: ADA-4101
Thermocouples are very sensitive, requiring a good amplifier with a cold-compensation reference. The Adafruit MCP9600 does all that for you, and can be easily interfaced with any microcontroller or single-board-computer with I2C. Inside, the chip handles all the analog stuff for you, and can interfa..
€ 18.95
Ex Tax: € 15.66
Stock: In Stock Model: ADA-4000
Give your next project a lift with AirLift - Adafruit's witty name for the ESP32 co-processor that graces this Metro M4. You already know about the Adafruit Metro M4 featuring the Microchip ATSAMD51, with it's 120MHz Cortex M4 with floating point support. With a train-load of ..
€ 42.95
Ex Tax: € 35.50
Stock: In Stock Model: ADA-2590
Make your Arduino-based project tiny and with the Adafruit METRO Mini! The METRO Mini works great with the Arduino IDE, and runs the ATmega328P at 16MHz so it is pin-compatible with Arduino UNO R3 - note you won't be able to plug in shields, but great for use with breadboards. You can use this w..
€ 14.95
Ex Tax: € 12.36
Stock: In Stock Model: ADA-3811
Adding glowy color to your projects has never been easier: no more soldering or stripping wires, clip 'em on and glow! This Adafruit NeoPixel LED Strip with Alligator Clips has 30 total LEDs in a "60 LED per meter" spacing, and is 0.5 meters long, in classy Adafruit Black. Its not too ..
€ 19.95
Ex Tax: € 16.49
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