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Bare Conductive

Stock: In Stock Model: BC-5006
The Touch Board gives you the ability to turn almost any material or surface into a sensor, and comes pre-programmed and ready to use.Open the box, power up, and touch one of the electrodes to listen to the audio guide. It’s never been easier to start making an Arduino-based ..
€ 57.95
Ex Tax: € 47.89
Stock: In Stock Model: BC-5303
Prototyping interactive projects with Electric Paint and the Touch Board is now even easier!The Touch Board Pro Kit includes everything you need to make everything from interactive wallpaper, innovative musical instruments to talking murals with the Touch Board and Electric Paint. The Touch..
€ 179.95
Ex Tax: € 148.72
Touch Board Starter Kit Touch Board Starter Kit
Out Of Stock
Model: BC-5235
If you’ve ever thought about making a poster play your favourite song, giving objects the ability to speak, or creating hidden sensors in your house, then the Touch Board Starter Kit is for you.Each kit contains a Touch Board, Electric Paint, and everything you need to start&..
€ 134.95
Ex Tax: € 111.53
Stock: In Stock Model: BC-5402
It’s time to run a workshop! Learn to program, make music or create interactive projects with the Touch Board Workshop Pack.We’ve got what you’ve been asking for: tools and resources to use Electric Paint and Touch Boards in a workshop setting. Whether you’re working with..
€ 589.00
Ex Tax: € 486.78
Stock: In Stock Model: BC-1510
Everything you need to learn about parallel circuits.No tools, no programming, no special skills required.Draw a circuit Learn how Electric Paint works and tune your electronics skills by drawing a circuit.  Easy instructions and a clearly marked template make drawing your circuit as e..
€ 19.95
Ex Tax: € 16.49
Interactive Wall Kit Interactive Wall Kit
Out Of Stock
Model: BC-100
Create robust and reliable interactive walls and murals with the Interactive Wall Kit.The Interactive Wall Kit comes with all the tools you need to build an interactive wall up to 10m x 10m with 12 touch points. The kit is supported with a range of online tutorials and resources that provide all..
€ 725.00
Ex Tax: € 599.17
Stock: In Stock Model: BC-7000
We’ve created the intricate pattern on the Printed Sensors for use in touch and proximity sensing projects. They’re perfect for testing your ideas quickly, without needing time to design your own pattern, or waiting for Electric Paint to dry. Just like our other tools, you can customise ..
€ 13.95
Ex Tax: € 11.53
Stock: In Stock Model: BC-0001
Bare Conductive’s Electric Paint is just like any other water-based paint, except that it conducts electricity! This means that you can paint wires or sensors directly onto almost any material around you, including paper, wood, plastic and glass.The Electric Paint 10ml Tube i..
€ 9.95
Ex Tax: € 8.22
Stock: In Stock Model: BC-8205
Design, discover, create. Your design and electronics projects are about to change forever. Paint and print circuits and sensors or use as a  conductive adhesive on almost anything including paper, plastic, textiles and conventional electronics. For permanent applications, or to create mul..
€ 359.95
Ex Tax: € 297.48
Stock: In Stock Model: BC-0209
Bare Conductive’s Electric Paint is just like any other water-based paint, except that it conducts electricity! This means that you can paint wires or sensors directly onto almost any material.Nontoxic, solvent free and water soluble, Electric Paint is a great prototyping too..
€ 26.95
Ex Tax: € 22.27
Stock: In Stock Model: BC-1107
Electric paint lamp kitMake three paper lamps with no tools, no programming, no special skills required. Transform a paper template into a beautiful lamp in three easy steps. Paint, plug, and play! Use Electric Paint to create custom touch-sensitive buttons connected to our Light Up Board and th..
€ 47.95
Ex Tax: € 39.63
Light Up Board Light Up Board
Out Of Stock
Model: BC-1312
Bring sophisticated interactive lighting to your home or office environment, wherever you need it!The Light Up Board is a touch dim LED light on a super-thin and circular PCB, with six integrated white LEDs and six gold-plated sensor electrodes. With it you can choose between touch, dimmer or pr..
€ 29.95
Ex Tax: € 24.75
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