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Stock: In Stock Model: ELE-CK1000
The Elenco® CK-1000 Basic Electronic Parts Kit includes a wide variety of basic electronic parts to satisfy almost any training project. Packaged in a handy plastic parts container with 18 compartments.Note: Package contents may differ slightly.Parts Resistors: 1/4W - 5 ea..
€ 99.95
Ex Tax: € 82.60
Stock: In Stock Model: SNP-6SCM7
Replacement light motor for snap circuits. Can be bought as spare for lost or broken product..
€ 17.95
Ex Tax: € 14.83
Power Amplifier IC
Out Of Stock
Model: SNP-6SCU4
€ 5.95
Ex Tax: € 4.92
Stock: In Stock Model: SNP-SCD303
Learn the basics of coding with Snap Circuits! The Discover Coding kit provides simple, hands-on electronics combined with easy to use graphical coding that makes it easy to get started. The included project manual explains electrical and coding concepts and includes exciting coding challenges!..
€ 89.95
Ex Tax: € 74.34
Snap Circuits Hand Crank
Out Of Stock
Model: SNP-6SCHC
€ 14.95
Ex Tax: € 12.36
Stock: In Stock Model: SNP-6SCJ4
€ 1.75
Ex Tax: € 1.45
Stock: In Stock Model: SNP-SCMYH7
Your home, your power, know how it works!Electricity is everywhere – even in your home. Whether you live in a city skyscraper or a house in the country, our homes are powered by electricity. It’s not magic, it’s science, and it’s easy to learn. Build a house or city tow..
€ 59.95
Ex Tax: € 49.55
Stock: In Stock Model: SNP-6SCS2
€ 2.95
Ex Tax: € 2.44
Snap Circuits R/C Receiver - 6SCRX1
Out Of Stock
Model: SNP-6SCRX1
A Snap Circuit module for use with all Snap Circuit kits. It enables you to expand your circuit or to replace a lost part...
€ 26.95
Ex Tax: € 22.27
Stock: In Stock Model: SNP-6SCSP
€ 5.50
Ex Tax: € 4.55
Snap Circuits: Bric: Structures - SCBRIC1 Snap Circuits: Bric: Structures - SCBRIC1
Out Of Stock
Energize your brick building experience with SNAP CIRCUITS® BRIC: STRUCTURES!Kids can use their imagination to combine SNAP CIRCUITS® with ordinary building bricks and make endless combinations of construction and circuitry. With patent-pending, Bric-2-Snap technology, kids can wire..
€ 44.95
Ex Tax: € 37.15
Stock: In Stock Model: SNP-6SCD6
€ 2.95
Ex Tax: € 2.44
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