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Reserve Soldeerbout voor ERSA i-CON PICO Soldeerstation
Out Of Stock
Model: ERS-0130CDK
Spare soldering iron for the i-CON PICO soldeerstation, which has a 1.6mm thick soldering tip mounted...
€ 89.95
Ex Tax: € 74.34
Stock: In Stock Model: ERS-0VACX2
Spare tip for ERSA Vac X, 2-Pack..
€ 5.50
Ex Tax: € 4.55
Stock: In Stock Model: ERS-0340KD
ERSA 30 S, the best selling and most tried and tested universal soldering iron, is known the world over for its sturdiness and longevity. It can be used in a variety of ways for soldering tasks in handicrafts, service and hobbies. Delivery includes a practical, easily mounted rubber stick-on support..
€ 36.95
Ex Tax: € 30.54
ERSA i-CON Nano Soldering Station - Antistatic/ESD-safe ERSA i-CON Nano Soldering Station - Antistatic/ESD-safe
Out Of Stock
Model: ERS-0IC1200A
The ERSA i-TOOL NANO is an ultra light and ergonimical soldering iron. It has a very small footprint (145 x 80 mm), which saves valuable desk space.FeaturesThree fix temperatures or adjustable temperature setting from 150 to 450 °C Settable energy levels Automatic standby and shut..
€ 265.00
Ex Tax: € 219.01
ERSA i-CON PICO Soldering Station ERSA i-CON PICO Soldering Station
Out Of Stock
Model: ERS-0IC1300
The i-CON PICO station offers the beginner all essential features of a soldering station, such as fastest heat-up and heat recovery, standby function and calibration mode. Due to the i-CON PICO‘s simple and user-friendly operating concept, the factory settings provide for a variable adjustment..
€ 184.95
Ex Tax: € 152.85
Stock: In Stock Model: ERS-0920BD
The ERSA Multitip series covers a wide range of applications. It stands out by its low weight and compact design (short distance between soldering tip and the handle´s front part). The handle stays relatively cool while soldering. The Multitip is suitable for both micro-soldering joints and me..
€ 39.95
Ex Tax: € 33.02
Stock: In Stock Model: ERS-RDS80
The digital soldering station ERSA RDS 80, offers the established and proven ERSA RESISTRONIC heating technology with a generous 80 watts of power. With this unique temperature control technology, the ceramic PTC heating element (Positive Temperature Coefficient) replaces the function of the thermoc..
€ 169.00
Ex Tax: € 139.67
Stock: In Stock Model: ERS-0890CDJ
Replacement/spare soldering iron for the popular RDS80 soldering station..
€ 49.95
Ex Tax: € 41.28
Stock: In Stock Model: ERS-832UD
This soldering tip can be used for the soldering iron from the RDS80 soldering station. The tip is conical and 0.4mm in diameter...
€ 9.95
Ex Tax: € 8.22
Stock: In Stock Model: ERS-832SD
This soldering tip can be used for the soldering iron from the RDS80 soldering station. The tip is conical and 0.8mm in diameter...
€ 8.95
Ex Tax: € 7.40
Stock: In Stock Model: ERS-0172BD
A replacement tip for the ERSA Multitip C25 soldering iron...
€ 11.95
Ex Tax: € 9.88
Stock: In Stock Model: ERS-0VACX
The feature of the solder sucker Ersa VAC X is the high pumping performance and the ergonomic shape. The antistatic construction allows carefree desoldering of electrostatically irritables assemblies. The long, slim desoldering tip also allows work on closely assembled boards. The special constructi..
€ 14.95
Ex Tax: € 12.36
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