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Stock: In Stock Model: KW-2205
Create prototype circuits using surface mount and/or conventional components with the :CREATE Proto Board for the BBC microbit. The design features a twin grid system that allows for circuits to be made of a mixture of surface mount and through hole. That the circuits are soldered makes for robust p..
€ 7.25
Ex Tax: € 5.99
Stock: In Stock Model: KW-2298
Compose a monophonic micro:bit musical masterpiece with the Kitronik :KLEF Piano for the BBC micro:bit. It features 15 capacitive touch pads, with 13 arranged as a single octave and 2 up down function buttons that can allow you to shift octaves.:KLEF also features; an on-board amplifier circuit ..
€ 22.95
Ex Tax: € 18.97
Stock: In Stock Model: KW-2940
The :MOVE mat line following and activity maps - A1 size is an accessory for :MOVE Motor, :MOVE mini and also the Edison V2 Robot. It can be used just for fun, or as part of a project in the classroom. The mat is double-sided, with a line following track on one side and a mock-up..
€ 5.95
Ex Tax: € 4.92
Stock: In Stock Model: KW-2616
Kitronik ACCESS:bit for BBC micro:bitThe ACCESS:bit is a bolt-on/clip-on board for the BBC micro:bit that simulates an access barrier. It includes a switch, battery cage, on/off switch and a buzzer The ACCESS:bit is a bolt-on/clip-on board for the BBC microbit that simulates a..
€ 14.95
Ex Tax: € 12.36
Stock: In Stock Model: KW-2573
(H-)Bridge the gap between Fischertechnik STEM kits and the BBC microbit with the Interface board for microbit and Fischertchnik. This board provides an alternative method for control motors and components in the Fischertechnik range.Designed to run from a 9V PP3 battery (as used in Fischertechn..
€ 13.95
Ex Tax: € 11.53
Stock: In Stock Model: KW-2444
The Kitronik Inventor's Kit for Arduino is a great way to get started with programming and hardware interaction with the Arduino. This Inventor's Kit contains everything you need to complete 10 experiments including using LEDs, motors, LDRs and capacitors.Arduino is an open-source code-able elec..
€ 29.95
Ex Tax: € 24.75
Stock: In Stock Model: KW-2697
Develop your coding skills with the Kitronik :MOVE Motor for micro:bit, a fun introduction to buggies and robotics.The Kitronik :MOVE Motor for the BBC micro:bit provides a fun introduction to buggy robotics. More than just a programmable buggy, learning to use all of the included features will ..
€ 32.95
Ex Tax: € 27.23
Stock: In Stock Model: KW-2750
The :MOVE Motor Klaw provides a fun and easy to install addition to the Kitronik :MOVE Motor buggy for microbit. It has been carefully designed to have the ability to fit both vertically and horizontally with one bolt. Included are two types of Klaw attachments for each of these builds.It is co..
€ 9.95
Ex Tax: € 8.22
Stock: In Stock Model: KW-2612
Kitronik :VIEW text32 LCD Screen for the BBC micro bitGet meaningful text readouts from your microbit projects with the Kitronik :VIEW Text32, a 32 character 2 line display that has a microbit style edge connector.The Kitronik :VIEW Text32 character LCD, for those times when the LED Ma..
€ 22.50
Ex Tax: € 18.60
Stock: In Stock Model: KW-5681
KITRONIK ALARM CLOCK KITThe Kitronik Alarm Clock Kit with ZIP Halo HD for microbit provides a fun introduction to features of Halo HD. This kit features a modified version of Halo HD, all of the parts required to build the clock, and also power accessories. To get you started we have i..
€ 42.50
Ex Tax: € 35.12
Stock: In Stock Model: KW-2610
Develop your coding skills with the Kitronik ARCADE, a fully featured programmable gamepad for use with the MakeCode Arcade block editor.The MakeCode Arcade editor has been designed to allow everyone, from beginners to experienced game enthusiasts, to create retro arcade games to run in the brow..
€ 41.95
Ex Tax: € 34.67
Stock: In Stock Model: KW-2614
€ 5.50
Ex Tax: € 4.55
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