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Stock: In Stock Model: KW-1804
The MI:power board for the BBC micro:bit brings real portability to your wearable projects. The stylish, lightweight PCB is designed to fit snugly against the BBC micro:bit and features a built in buzzer and 3V coin cell holder.When assembled, the MI:power board is connected directly to the 3V, ..
€ 5.95
Ex Tax: € 4.92
MI:pro Protector for the BBC micro:bit - Clear MI:pro Protector for the BBC micro:bit - Clear
Stock: In Stock Model: KW-1786
The MI:pro Protector Case not only keeps a BBC micro:bit in perfect condition but also offers a number of other benefits. Keep your BBC micro:bit safe and secure with this compact, portable protective case where the 2x AAA battery pack can be bolted to the back, making a compact and portable unit. ..
€ 4.76 € 5.95
Ex Tax: € 3.93
Stock: In Stock Model: KW-1785
This motor driver board for the BBC micro:bit allows two motors to be driven simultaneously with forward, reverse & stop control, making it ideal for designs such as buggies. It is based on the DRV8833 motor driver IC, which has built-in short circuit, over current and thermal protection.The..
€ 13.50
Ex Tax: € 11.16
Stock: In Stock Model: KW-1784
This Prototyping System for the BBC micro:bit is a great way to start making circuits and making experiments without the need to solder.This prototyping system uses Kitronik's specially designed Edge Connector Breakout Board for BBC micro:bit that gives full access to the pins on the bottom ..
€ 14.95
Ex Tax: € 12.36
Stock: In Stock Model: KW-1907
The Servo:Lite board for the BBC micro:bit is a simple board that allows you to easily connect and control low power servo motors (servo's must be capable of operating at 3.3V) using the BBC micro:bit. It is connected to the micro:bit using five bolts. Connect two servos in standard configuration an..
€ 13.95
Ex Tax: € 11.53
Stock: In Stock Model: KW-2046
Add some colour to your next coding project with Kitronik's Halo board for the micro:bit. The Halo has 24 ZIP LEDs, which are individually addressable full colour LEDs. This means that each LED can display a huge spectrum of colours, allowing amazing colourful effects to be achieved.The Halo..
€ 13.50
Ex Tax: € 11.16
Stock: In Stock Model: KW-1780
This 2x AAA Battery Holder with JST connector is compatible with the BBC micro:bit. Supplied with 145mm colour coded power leads and a JST connector at the end, this battery holder is light and features a M3 mounting hole in the centre so it can be attached to the back of BBC micro:bit cases. The JS..
€ 1.25
Ex Tax: € 1.03
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