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Stock: In Stock Model: PIM-372
A high-resolution 8", IPS, 1024x768, HDMI display, with Pimoroni-made display driver board and keypad, that's perfect for building into projects like arcade cabinets, or just use it as a handy display for your Raspberry Pi!This new 8" display is a step up from our previous one, wit..
€ 76.95
Ex Tax: € 63.60
Stock: In Stock Model: PIM-369
A high-resolution, high-speed 4.0" TFT display for your Raspberry Pi!HyperPixel 4.0 is the perfect way to use your Pi without a bunch of cables or a bulky display. Design your own interface to control your project, display data, or turn your Pi into a tiny media centre. This new version of ..
€ 58.95
Ex Tax: € 48.72
Stock: In Stock Model: PIM-433
Inky wHAT is a 400x300 pixel electronic paper (ePaper / eInk / EPD) display for Raspberry Pi, a larger version of Pimoroni's popular Inky pHAT display, with more than 5x the number of pixels, and available in three colour schemes - red/black/white, yellow/black/white, and black/white.Th..
€ 61.95
Ex Tax: € 51.20
Stock: In Stock Model: PIM-354
28 tiny RGB LED pixels in a single row that just slip right onto your Pi's pins, no soldering required! LED SHIM is ideal for status updates, notifications, a VU meter, or as a bar graph for sensor readings.The really nifty thing about LED SHIM is that it doesn't require any soldering. W..
€ 9.95
Ex Tax: € 8.22
Stock: In Stock Model: PIM-420
Keybow Mini Mechanical Keyboard KitKeybow is an easy-to-build, solderless, DIY mini mechanical keyboard. It's Raspberry Pi-powered, with twelve illuminated keys, hot-swap clicky or linear switches, clear keycaps, and awesome customisable layouts and macros. It's the ultimate macro pad. ..
€ 63.95
Ex Tax: € 52.85
Stock: In Stock Model: PIM-185
LiPo SHIMThe tiny little LiPo/LiIon power supply shim for all versions of the Raspberry Pi!We love mobile projects but having a discrete, slick, and tidy power supply solution is always tricky. LiPo SHIM (formerly known as Zero LiPo) aims to give you the most compact Raspberry Pi power suppl..
€ 13.95
Ex Tax: € 11.53
Stock: In Stock Model: PIM-376
This 6 Degrees of Freedom Motion Sensor Breakout can detect acceleration in three axes - X, Y, and Z - as well as three axes of magnetic heading. It's ideal for building into robots, rockets, and rovers, or anywhere else where you want to measure motion accurately. It's compat..
€ 11.95
Ex Tax: € 9.88
Stock: In Stock Model: PIM-413
This light and proximity sensor detects light over a wide dynamic range (0.01 lux to 64,000 lux) and proximity within a short range of ~5cm. The LTR-559 is the same sort of sensor that you'd find next to the camera in your phone to detect when it's next to your ear and whe..
€ 10.50
Ex Tax: € 8.68
Stock: In Stock Model: PIM-438
MAX30105 Breakout - Heart Rate, Oximeter, Smoke SensorThe MAX30105 breakout is a sophisticated heart rate, oximeter, and smoke/particle sensor. Use it as a fun way to see your heartbeat, or to make LEDs or lights pulse in time with your heart. <3 It's Raspberry Pi and Arduino-compati..
€ 18.25
Ex Tax: € 15.08
Stock: In Stock Model: PIM-437
MCP9600 Thermocouple Amplifier BreakoutThis top-of-the-range MCP9600 thermocouple amplifier breakout works with eight different thermocouple types, has built-in temperature alerts, is compatible with Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and with our no-solder Breakout Garden HAT.Thermocouples are temperat..
€ 25.75
Ex Tax: € 21.28
Stock: In Stock Model: PIM-402
This handy little speaker with onboard analogue amplifier works great with micro:bit, and it's sewable and croc-clippable!We use this little speaker in our MINI.MU kits, and it's an ideal way to add some sound to your micro:bit projects, no soldering required.Just use ..
€ 15.95
Ex Tax: € 13.18
Stock: In Stock Model: PIM-356
Make your micro:bit sing with noise:bit! It's a tiny speaker that packs a fair bit of punch, and it's perfect for BLEEPS and BLOOPS!Just slot in your micro:bit, and use the sound generation blocks and code in Microsoft MakeCode and MicroPython to generate to..
€ 16.95
Ex Tax: € 14.01
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