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Stock: In Stock Model: PIM-555
Quadruplicate your GPIO pins with the Pico Decker.Just add male headers (soldering required!) to your Raspberry Pi Pico and you're ready to go. Now you can add four(Pimoroni) expansions boards, or just use the extra pins for prototyping purposes.FeaturesOne landing area with label..
€ 13.95
Ex Tax: € 11.53
Stock: In Stock Model: PIM-543
A vibrant 1.14" IPS LCD screen for your Raspberry Pi Pico, with four useful buttons and a RGB LED!Features 1.14” 240x135 pixel IPS LCD screen 4 x tactile buttons RGB LED Pre-soldered female headers for attaching to Pico Compatible with Raspberry Pi Pico. Full..
€ 15.95
Ex Tax: € 13.18
Stock: In Stock Model: PIM-550
Turn your Raspberry Pi Pico into a jack-of-all-trades with the Pico Explorer Base, designed by Pimoroni.Provide your Pico with male headers, connect it to the Explorer board and you have access to the following components:A small Piezo speaker A 1.54 inch IPS LCD screen (240x240) 4 se..
€ 24.95
Ex Tax: € 20.62
Stock: In Stock Model: PIM-554
A conveniently sized, labelled proto-board add-on for your Raspberry Pi Pico, perfect for permanently attaching your custom circuits.With a 6x20 grid of 2.54mm spaced holes for easy soldering and labelled Pico pins so you know what's what, Pico Proto is perfect for when you're happy with..
€ 2.50
Ex Tax: € 2.07
Stock: In Stock Model: PIM-551
Connect a 4x4 RGB-LED programmable silicone keypad to your Raspberry Pi Pico.The APA102 addressable LED's can be programmed in every desired colour, so you can map the keys anyway you want!Note: you'll need to solder male headers to your Raspberry Pi Pico.Features4x4 silic..
€ 24.95
Ex Tax: € 20.62
Stock: In Stock Model: PIM-545
Pimoroni designed a sparkly 17x7 grid of snugly packed, individually controllable white LEDs to bling up your Raspberry Pi Pico, accompanied by a quartet of useful buttons.Your Pico will need to have male headers soldered to it (with the pins pointing downwards) to attach to Pimoroni's add-o..
€ 15.95
Ex Tax: € 13.18
Stock: In Stock Model: PIM-546
Pimoroni designed a sparkly matrix of over a hundred(112) fantabulous RGB LEDs for all your rainbow needs and some handy buttons for the Raspberry Pi Pico.Your Pico will need to have male headers soldered to it (with the pins pointing downwards) to attach to our add-on boards.Features..
€ 22.95
Ex Tax: € 18.97
Stock: In Stock Model: PIM-457
Pinbetween gives you access to all of the micro:bit's pins at the same time as using an edge-connector add-on, and it's completely solderless!The 40-pin male header on Pinbetween lets you use jumper jerky to connect extra bits to your micro:bit while using an edge-connector add-on l..
€ 7.96
Ex Tax: € 6.58
Stock: In Stock Model: PIM-484
Bring an old radio or set of speakers into the 21st century with Pirate Audio 3W Stereo Amp for Raspberry Pi! Get punchy digital audio through the push-fit terminals and control your music with the built-in colour LCD and playback control buttons.The push-fit connectors on Pi..
€ 23.95
Ex Tax: € 19.79
Stock: In Stock Model: PIM-485
Pump out some mini beats with Pirate Audio Speaker! This diminutive sound system has an I2S DAC, amp, mini mono speaker, high-res display, and playback control buttons.Pirate Audio Speaker is perfect for making a Lilliputian radio, sound effect player, or even&..
€ 23.95
Ex Tax: € 19.79
Stock: In Stock Model: PIM-482
The ultimate hackable headphone amp for your desk! Pirate Audio Headphone Amp for Raspberry Pi has an I2S DAC, headphone amplifier, high-res display, and playback control buttons.Build your own home-brew iPod Nano with Pirate Audio Headphone Amp! It's an all-in-..
€ 23.95
Ex Tax: € 19.79
Stock: In Stock Model: PIM-483
Plug Pirate Audio Line-out for Raspberry Pi into your hi-fi amp or powered speakers, then sit back, relax, and soak in the rich, digital audio. It has a high-quality I2S DAC, high-res colour display, and playback control buttons.This board is perfect for upgrad..
€ 23.95
Ex Tax: € 19.79
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