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Voltaic Systems

Voltaic Systems is a portable solar power company based in Brooklyn, New York. A drained phone in the middle of Spain led Voltaic's founder to design the first solar backpack. Since then, the number and types of electronic devices we use has multiplied and our relationship with them have become more intense. No matter where you or your devices are in the world, Voltaic's goal is to keep them charged. The products range from bare solar panels to complete sets including batteries and solar backpacks.


In Stock: In Stock Article code: KW-2085
These are stronger than our standard nylon post nuts for industrial applications. For long-term or heavy vibration installations, we recommend using with a small lock washer and loctite or something similar...
€ 4.75
Ex Tax: € 3.93
In Stock: In Stock Article code: KW-2077
Attach a Voltaic solar panel to any vertical pipe with this universal bracket. Rugged 3mm aluminum is built to withstand high winds and rough conditions.The bracket is compatible with the 2, 3.5, 6 and 9 Watt solar panels. Does not include u-bolt or pipe clamp...
€ 10.75
Ex Tax: € 8.88
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