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Waveshare Electronics

Stock: In Stock Model: WS-16681
A dedicated cooling fan for the Jetson Nano. You can mount it on top of your Jetson Nano, or combine it with this case...
€ 3.95
Ex Tax: € 3.26
Cooling Fan for Jetson Nano Cooling Fan for Jetson Nano
4 - 7 Dagen
Model: WS-16990
OverviewCategory: Jetson Nano cooling fan Connector: 3PIN reverse-proof connector Spec: 5V Dimensions: 40mm×40mm×10mm Weight: 25grContentsFan-4010-5V x1 Screws pack x1..
€ 1.95
Ex Tax: € 1.61
Stock: In Stock Model: WS-19588
Add a small display to your Raspberry Pi Pico with the 2.13 inch(250x122 pixels)three color E-paper HAT.You have to solder male headers to your Pico to use this module.FeaturesNo backlight, keeps displaying last content for a long time even when power down Ultra low power consumptio..
€ 19.95
Ex Tax: € 16.49
Stock: In Stock Model: WS-19408
Add a small display to your Raspberry Pi Pico with the 2.9inch(296 x 128 pixels) E-paper HAT.You have to solder male headers to your Pico to use this module.Specifications Operating voltage 3.3V/5V Display color black, white Interface 3-wire SPI, 4-..
€ 21.95
Ex Tax: € 18.14
Stock: In Stock Model: WS-19695
The Pico-Clock-Green is an LED digits electronic clock designed for the Raspberry Pi Pico. It incorporates high precision RTC chip DS3231, a photosensor, a buzzer, and three buttons.You'll need to solder male headers to your Pico to use this clock.FeaturesSupports Raspberry Pi Pico se..
€ 29.95
Ex Tax: € 24.75
Stock: In Stock Model: WS-4654
The FT245 USB FIFO Board (mini) is an accessory board that provides a USB to parallel FIFO interface, with FT245 chip onboard, also features USB mini-AB connector, and control interface (8 data pins & 6 control pins).The FT245 USB FIFO Board (mini) is ideal for establishi..
€ 11.95
Ex Tax: € 9.88
Stock: In Stock Model: WS-16865
Create your own retro game console with this GamePi kit, based on a Raspberry Pi Zero.OverviewThe GamePi20 is a mini retro video game console based on Raspberry Pi Zero / Zero W / Zero WH.This accessory pack includes everything required to build your own GamePi20, except for the Raspberr..
€ 34.95
Ex Tax: € 28.88
Stock: In Stock Model: WS-17431
Add this beautiful ICE Cooling Tower to your Raspberry Pi 3 or 4, and the core temperature will be at a steady 40 degrees!FeaturesSupport Raspberry Pi 4B/3B+/3B DC 5V Power in (powered by the Raspberry Pi) ICE Tower Structure 5mm copper tube Great heat dissipation Rated pow..
€ 23.95
Ex Tax: € 19.79
Stock: In Stock Model: WS-17286
This is an industrial USB to RS485 converter with original FT232RL inside. It features embedded protection circuits such as lightning-proof, resettable fuse, ESD protection, and TVS diode, etc. It's pretty small in size.The USB TO RS485 is very easy to use, allows automatic transceiving. Due..
€ 11.95
Ex Tax: € 9.88
Stock: In Stock Model: WS-16909
A smart robot is always the favorite project of electronic enthusiasts, however, a robot will be "not that smart" if it's not AI-based.Say hello to the JetBot, an actual smart robot powered by the Jetson Nano. Equiped with the intelligent eye (front camera), facial recognition, obj..
€ 119.95
Ex Tax: € 99.13
JetRacer AI Racing Robot (w/o Jetson Nano) JetRacer AI Racing Robot (w/o Jetson Nano)
Out Of Stock
Model: WS-17607
The JetRacer AI kit is a NVIDIA Jetson Nano powered racer. This self-learning robot is capable to process data at a high frame rate due to torch2trt optimization.Specifications Controller Jetson Nano (not included) OS     Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (SD..
€ 234.95
Ex Tax: € 194.17
Stock: In Stock Model: WS-17855
A firm metal case for your Jetson Nano B01, with a bracket included for the stereo camera.There are two metal push buttons in the case; one power button and one reset button.You cab mount this fan for extra air flow. ..
€ 15.95
Ex Tax: € 13.18
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