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Educational Electronics

Our range of educational electronics is great for schools and other educational institutions that focus on STEM education. Learn the basics of electronics, learn to program and build cool robots. Our products show that learning doesn't have to be boring at all!

Stock: In Stock Model: KW-2727
The new micro:bit (V2) is the latest revision of everyone’s favourite powerful palm-sized, and fully programmable computer. Conceived by the BBC to encourage children to get actively involved in writing software and building new things that will be controlled by it. V2 is the same size, shape,..
€ 18.95
Ex Tax: € 15.66
Stock: In Stock Model: KW-2729
Perfect for sharing the BBC micro:bit with friends, the BBC micro:bit club is a 10-pack containing all the pieces needed to enjoy BBC micro:bit in STEM groups, coding clubs, school classes, scouts, guides and cubs or any other social gathering (contains 10 BBC micro:bits, 10x USB cables, 10x battery..
€ 189.95
Ex Tax: € 156.98
Stock: In Stock Model: KW-2728
If you are looking to start programming or would like an exciting device to get young people interested in coding - then the BBC micro:bit v2 is perfect for you!Created by the BBC working in partnership with other brands, the micro:bit is a small, programmable computer that has been designed to ..
€ 22.95
Ex Tax: € 18.97
Stock: In Stock Model: BC-5006
The Touch Board gives you the ability to turn almost any material or surface into a sensor, and comes pre-programmed and ready to use.Open the box, power up, and touch one of the electrodes to listen to the audio guide. It’s never been easier to start making an Arduino-based ..
€ 57.95
Ex Tax: € 47.89
Stock: In Stock Model: BC-5303
Prototyping interactive projects with Electric Paint and the Touch Board is now even easier!The Touch Board Pro Kit includes everything you need to make everything from interactive wallpaper, innovative musical instruments to talking murals with the Touch Board and Electric Paint. The Touch..
€ 179.95
Ex Tax: € 148.72
Stock: In Stock Model: BC-5235
If you’ve ever thought about making a poster play your favourite song, giving objects the ability to speak, or creating hidden sensors in your house, then the Touch Board Starter Kit is for you.Each kit contains a Touch Board, Electric Paint, and everything you need to start&..
€ 134.95
Ex Tax: € 111.53
Stock: In Stock Model: BC-5402
It’s time to run a workshop! Learn to program, make music or create interactive projects with the Touch Board Workshop Pack.We’ve got what you’ve been asking for: tools and resources to use Electric Paint and Touch Boards in a workshop setting. Whether you’re working with..
€ 589.00
Ex Tax: € 486.78
Stock: In Stock Model: WS-16377
Equip your micro:bit with this 4-DOF metal robot arm and get started to explore the world of Artificial Intelligent robotics.This starter robotic arm kit includes a servo driver board, metal mechanical arm structure and 4 metal gear servos. When used with the micro:bit, it's easy to control ..
€ 55.95
Ex Tax: € 46.24
Stock: In Stock Model: KW-2205
The :CREATE Proto Board for BBC micro:bit is an electronics prototyping system that allows for both through hole and SMT component types in the same circuits.Create prototype circuits using surface mount and/or conventional components with the :CREATE Proto Board for the BBC microbit. The design..
€ 7.25
Ex Tax: € 5.99
Stock: In Stock Model: KW-2298
Compose a monophonic micro:bit musical masterpiece with the Kitronik :KLEF Piano for the BBC micro:bit. It features 15 capacitive touch pads, with 13 arranged as a single octave and 2 up down function buttons that can allow you to shift octaves.:KLEF also features; an on-board amplifier circuit ..
€ 22.95
Ex Tax: € 18.97
Stock: In Stock Model: KW-2961
Give Dash + Dot new abilities and looks by adding accessories. This package includes a bulldozer bar to clean up those toys, bunny ears, a bunny tail and a tow hook...
€ 39.95
Ex Tax: € 33.02
Stock: In Stock Model: WS-15402
This AlphaBot2 robot kit is designed to use with the BBC micro:bit (not included). It features rich common robot functions including line tracking, obstacle avoiding, ultrasonic ranging, Bluetooth/2.4G remote control, etc.Thanks to the highly integrated modular design, it is fairly easy to assem..
€ 74.95
Ex Tax: € 61.94
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Fast shipping
Orders placed before 17:00h (Mon-Fri) are shipped the same day.
Money back guarantee
Not satisfied? With us you have a 30-day return period.
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We ship to almost anywere in the world using UPS.