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Grove - GPS (Air530)

Grove - GPS (Air530)
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Artikelcode: SS-109020022
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Confused about your GPS not working well in urban or outsides under only one or a few satellite module? Then you should not miss our new Grove-GPS (Air530). It’s a high-performance, highly integrated multi-mode satellite positioning and navigation module to use with Arduino. It supports GPS / Beidou / Glonass / Galileo / QZSS / SBAS, which makes it suitable for GNSS positioning applications such as car navigation, smart wear, and drone. Meanwhile, this module is capable of receiving more than 6 satellites at the same time and is able to work excellently even if there's a very bad signal.



  • Positioning error within 10 meters
  • Multi-mode satellite positioning & navigation and support more than 6 satellites at the same time
  • The position still quickly and accurately under the condition of bad signal 
  • Low power consumption at only 31uA
  • Compatible hard/soft interface for other modules
  • Adopt the integrated design of RF baseband, which integrates DC/DC, LDO, LNA, RF front-end, baseband processing, 32-bit RISC based chip, RAM, FLASH storage, RTC and power management functions
  • Grove – GPS Module vs Grove – GPS (Air530)
  • SpecsGrove – GPS ModuleGrove – GPS (Air530)
  • Size40mm x 20mm x 13mm40mm x 20mm x 13mm
  • Update Rate1Hz, max 10Hz–
  • Baud Rate9,600 – 115,2009600 –921600
  • Navigation Sensitivity-160dBm–166dBm
  • Power Requirements3.3/5V3.3/5V
  • Number of Channels22 tracking, 66 channels–
  • Time to first startCold start: 13s
  • Warm start: 1-2s
  • Hot start: <1sCold start: 30 seconds
  • Warm Start: 4 seconds
  • AntennasAntenna includedAntenna included
  • Accuracy2.5m GPS Horizontal Position Accuracy2.5m Horizontal positioning accuracy



  • parametersvalues
  • Supply voltage3.3V/5V
  • Working currentup to 60mA
  • InterfaceUART
  • Time of warm start4s
  • Time of cold boot30s
  • Working Temperature-35C-85°C
  • Storage Temperature-55°C-100°C
  • Humidity5%-95%
  • Time of PositioningPure hardware cold start27.5s
  • Pure hardware hot start<1S
  • Pure hardware recapture<1S
  • Software-assisted A-GNSS<5S
  • SensitivityCold start-148dBm
  • Hot Start-162dBm
  • Recapture-164dBm
  • Track-166dBm
  • AccuracyHorizontal positioning accuracy2.5m
  • High positioning accuracy3.5m
  • Speed accuracy0.1m/s
  • Time transfer accuracy30ns
  • ConsumptionCapture current value@3.3V42.6mA
  • Tracking current value@3.3V36.7mA
  • Low power mode@3.3V0.85mA
  • Ultra-low-power mode@3.3V31uA
Merk: Seeed Studio
MPN: 109020022
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