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The MagPi - #83 - Introducing Raspberry Pi 4

Niet meer leverbaar The MagPi - #83 - Introducing Raspberry Pi 4
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Introducing Raspberry Pi 4!

With up to 4GB RAM, a faster 1.5GHz ARM CPU, dual 4K HDMI support, faster USB 3.0 connections, and Gigabit Ethernet, Raspberry Pi 4 is a generational leap forward.

In this extra-special edition of The MagPi, we have a huge 12-page feature examining every aspect of Raspberry Pi 4. Benchmark tests show a vast increase in performance, all thanks those improved specs (which we cover in-depth). We’ve also got an interview with Eben Upton on the making of Raspberry Pi 4, plus Simon Long talks about Raspbian ‘Buster’, the all-new version of the OS that powers Raspberry Pi.

Plus! All this inside The MagPi 83

  • Apollo 50 - Science in Space
    Celebrate 50 years since the moon landing with Raspberry Pi space and science projects
  • Get started with PICO-8
    Turn a Raspberry Pi into a classic console and make your own games
  • Self-healing Raspberry Pi
    Add a recovery partition to Raspbian and restore a Raspberry Pi to its fresh state
  • Make a Squeeze controller
    Turn dynamo torches into squeezable controllers
  • Advanced GUI layout
    Continue learning interface development with Simon Long’s course
  • Top 10 Raspberry Pi Zero projects
    Incredible fun makes using the Raspberry Pi Zero board
  • The best upcycling resources
    Restore old pieces of kit and hardware with this guides
  • Win! Raspberry Pi 4 kits
    Get your hands on the new Raspberry Pi 4 computer
  • Plus! Much, much more!

Merk: Raspberry Pi Foundation
MPN: 977205199800107
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