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Motionblock Standard Edition

4 - 7 werkdagen Motionblock Standard Edition
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Artikelcode: MB-P1030060
€ 549,95 Excl. BTW: € 454,50
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Motionblock is a transforming programmable robot kit. It comes with 10+ forms and has professional smart servos that allow the robot to imitate the movements of different animals and perform various tasks. It supports action recording as well. The Synchronizer allows the robot to achieve synchronous actions without using software. With Makeblock app and mBlock, users can learn about Scratch, and even Python.

  • Core Design Concept
    • Dovetail groove design allows quick and various combination of modules. You can easily combine different blocks to turn the robot into another shape. Or you can change the angles and numbers of the modules as you would like to create your own forms.
    • Makeblock self-developed high performance smart servo, has reliable quality and strong performance. It has 25kg*cm effective torque, rotation angle of 360° and 0.088° precision.
  • A variety of shapes, A variety of fun
    Following the user guide, you can build more than 10 different forms, including animal-like robots such as a Dog, Gorilla, Shake, and functional robots such as a Robotic Arm, Pitching Auto, etc
  • Five modules series with powerful functions
    The unique modular design enables users to add more abilities to the robot, such as moving, ejection, grabbing, rotating, swinging. Use different combinations of the modules to make the robot do all kinds of things.
  • Action recording feature
    The Master Control supports one-click recording, the robot remembers the customized actions. With just one click, you can make the robot reproduce the same actions. All of these can be done without coding.
  • Professional smart servos with strong performance
    Driven by professional smart servos, with high torque, compact size and high precision, the robot has high precision and can manage high loads. With these features, the robot can easily imitate behaviors of many animals and perform tasks.
  • Makeblock APP, an intuitive tool perfect for first-time coders
    Following a quick start guide, you can easily connect the robot to your mobile phone\tablet via Bluetooth to start playing. The interfaces are: Building guide, Console, Action Editor and Create.
  • mBlock software, from Scratch to Python
    mBlock software supports Scratch graphical programming. Even users with no coding experience can quickly program the robot to perform tasks by dragging the coding blocks. Users can switch to Python with just one click or program directly in the Python editor.
  • Excellent compatibility
    Compatible with Makeblock Bluetooth controller, which has 15 buttons and 2 joysticks, making it easier for users to control the robot. Compatible with the Makeblock Bluetooth adapter and wirelessly connected to your computer for faster programming. Compatible with LEGO bricks, you can use your imagination to build unique structures, unlocking the full potential of your creativity.

Parts list

  • 1x Master Control
  • 5x Servo
  • 1x Pen Holder
  • 3x Suction Cup
  • 1x (Mechanical Claw) Upper Cover
  • 1x Mechanical Claw) Lower Cover
  • 1x Right Claw
  • 1x Left Claw
  • 1x Bevel Gear
  • 4x (Swinging Wrapping Blocks) Upper Cover
  • 4x (Swinging Wrapping Blocks) Lower Cover
  • 8x Servo Adapter (R board + G board)
  • 4x Silicone Sleeve
  • 4x U-shaped Ornament
  • 8x (U-shaped Ornament) Silicone Case
  • 1x (Ejection Block) Upper Cover
  • 1x (Ejection Block) Lower Cover
  • 1x Lever
  • 1x Putter
  • 1x Baffle
  • 1x Barrel 
  • 1x Balls Container
  • 5x EVA Balls
  • 10x Rubber Band
  • 1x Cover
  • 1x 70mm Ball
  • 6x Wheels
  • 6x Slave Axis
  • 6x Master Axis
  • 2x Accelerator
  • 2x Ornament
  • 1x (Rotating Block) Upper Cover
  • 1x (Rotating Block) Lower Cover
  • 12x Dovetail Slot Adapter
  • 1x Small Dovetail Slot
  • 2x Double-sided Small Dovetail Slot
  • 3x 2-in-1 Adapter
  • 5x Extension Block
  • 2x LEGO Adapter
  • 2x Fist
  • 1x Foot
  • 2x Armor Set
  • 5x Rotary Angle Sensor
  • 3x Bar-shaped Connector
  • 2x L-shaped Connector
  • 2x Buckle
  • 3x Limiter
  • 8x Ornament Case
  • 1x Charging Stand
  • 1x Battery
  • 1x T8 Screwdriver
  • 3x Flat-head Screwdriver
  • 80x M2.5x5 Plum Srewdriver
  • 100× M2.5x10 Plum Srewdriver
  • 8×M2.5*16 Plum Srewdriver
  • 8×M2.5*20 Plum Srewdriver
  • 1×Mirco USB Cable
  • 5× Servo Connection Cable-10cm
  • 10×Servo Connection Cable-20cm
  • 10×Servo Connection Cable-25cm
  • 1×Servo Connection Cable -50cm
Merk: Makeblock
MPN: P1030060
EAN: 6928819508972
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