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Grove - Haptic Motor

Grove - Haptic Motor
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Artikelcode: SS-105020011
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Grove - Haptic motor is a Grove module integrated with DRV2605L which will give your project more feelings. This motor is specially designed for various effects, such as to ramp the vibration level up and down, for wearable and IoT devices. The guys at Seeed Studio have developed an easy-to-use library which can simulate 123 kinds of vibrating modes in total and this will make your prototyping very quickly. Also, you can develop more advanced functions with the driver DRV2605L which improves actuator performance in terms of acceleration consistency, starting time, and brake time and is accessible through a shared I2C compatible bus or PWM input signal.


  • More vibration effects than a normal vibration motor
  • Facilitate the process of prototyping
  • Easy-to-use library with 123 kinds of vibrating modes
  • Powerful driver to implement more advanced functions


  • Operating voltage: 3.3~5.0 V
  • Ripples (at maximum power): 50~100 mV
  • Max power: 750 mW
  • Vibration effects: 123 types
  • Driver: DRV2605L
  • Protocol: I2C
  • I2C speed: 100 kHz
  • Default I2C Address: 0x5A

Application ideas

  • Mobile phones and tablets
  • Wearable devices
  • Remote controls, touch-enabled devices
  • Industrial human-machine interfaces
Merk: Seeed Studio
MPN: 105020011
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