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Grove Actuatoren

Grove Actuatoren
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This module is based on 2-Coil Latching Relay. Contrast to the ordinary relay, this latching relay d..
€ 8,25 Excl. BTW: € 6,82
Deze handige module is makkelijk te gebruiken als je iets met een piezo element wilt doen. De pie..
€ 2,50 Excl. BTW: € 2,07
The Grove-Dry-Reed Relay is a relay module which works through magnetizing the vibration reed via th..
€ 4,50 Excl. BTW: € 3,72
An electromagnet is a type of magnet in which the magnetic field is produced by electric current. An..
€ 10,95 Excl. BTW: € 9,05
Grove - I2C FM Receiver is a wideband FM receiver module. This module is based on RDA5807M. The RDA5..
€ 10,95 Excl. BTW: € 9,05
The Grove - I2C Mini Motor Driver is a small motor driver with I2C interface, and it includes two mo..
€ 12,95 Excl. BTW: € 10,70
Its heart is a dual channel H-bridge driver chip that can handle current up to 2A per channe..
€ 19,95 Excl. BTW: € 16,49
De LED Strip Driver met 4-pin Grove interface biedt eenvoudige connectiviteit met je Arduino of Seee..
€ 10,95 Excl. BTW: € 9,05
The Grove - Mini Fan module is a DC motor driver based on the AVR Atmega168 microcontroller. The..
€ 8,95 Excl. BTW: € 7,40
Grove - MP3 v2.0 is a compact audio module. It supports various operations including ..
€ 11,95 Excl. BTW: € 9,88
The Relay is a digital normally open switch that controls a relay capable of switching much higher..
€ 3,50 Excl. BTW: € 2,89
Grove - Servo is a bonus product for Grove lovers. We regulated the three-wire servo into a Grove st..
€ 10,95 Excl. BTW: € 9,05
Grove – Solid State Relay is a non-contact electronic switch module that has relay features. B..
€ 26,95 Excl. BTW: € 22,27
The SPDT Relay(30A) is a high quality Single Pole Double Throw Relay(SPDT). The Relay consist of a c..
€ 11,95 Excl. BTW: € 9,88
The Grove - Speaker is a module consist of power amplification and voice outputs. The loudness can b..
€ 7,95 Excl. BTW: € 6,57
It is consist one coin type motor which is a Permanent Magnet coreless DC motor. It vibrates when th..
€ 3,50 Excl. BTW: € 2,89
Grove - Water Atomization is a perfect module for you to develop an atomizer or an atomizer module i..
€ 11,95 Excl. BTW: € 9,88