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Seeeduino XIAO - Arduino Microcontroller - SAMD21 Cortex M0+

Seeeduino XIAO - Arduino Microcontroller - SAMD21 Cortex M0+
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Take a look at Seeeduino XIAO. It'ss the smallest member of the Seeeduino family. Seeeduino XIAO still carries the powerful CPU-ARM® Cortex®-M0+(SAMD21G18) which is a low-power Arduino microcontroller. This little board has good performance in processing but needs less power. As a matter of fact, it is designed in such a tiny format, it can be used for Arduino wearable devices and small projects.

Key Features

  • Powerful CPU: ARM® Cortex®-M0+ 32bit 48MHz microcontroller(SAMD21G18) with 256KB Flash, 32KB SRAM
  • Flexible compatibility: Compatible with Arduino IDE
  • Easy project operation: Breadboard-friendly
  • Small size: As small as a thumb (20x17.5mm) for wearable devices and small projects.
  • Multiple development interfaces: 11 digital/analog pins, 10 PWM Pins, 1 DAC output, 1 SWD Bonding pad interface, 1 I2C interface, 1 UART interface, 1 SPI interface.

Apart from the powerful CPU, Seeeduino XIAO is excellent in many other functions. It has 14 GPIO PINs, which can be used for 11 analog PINs, 11 digital PINs, 1 I2C interface, 1 UART interface, and 1 SPI interface. Some PINs have various functions, A1/D1 to A10/D10 Pins have PWM functions and Pin A0/D0 has a function of DAC which means you can get true analog signals, not PWM signals when you define it as an analog pin, that’s why 14 GPIO PINs can realize more I/O PINs and interfaces. Moreover, Seeeduino XIAO supports the USB Type-C interface which can supply power and download code. There are power pads at the back of the XIAO which support battery and make it designed for wearable devices to become realistic. Except for the power LED, we add a user LED on board for your better coding experience. Usually a Dev. Board as small as this size will use the chip’s inner crystal oscillator for time fixing, in order to make the clock more accurate, Seeeduino XIAO layouts an extra 32.768KHz to make the clock more stable.

Seeeduino XIAO is perfectly compatible with Arduino IDE, you can easily develop some small projects with the help of the large and comprehensive Arduino library. So get one and you will soon love it!

Attention: All the I/O pins are 3.3V, please do not input more than 3.3V, otherwise, the CPU may be damaged.

Merk: Seeed Studio
MPN: 102010328
Andy op 18-05-2020
1 beoordeling(en).
Great little board. With a good selection of pins. You can also install CircuitPython on it if Arduino isn't your thing (I wrote a guide because there is no official documentation on how to do this I used it to make a little macro keyboard as the board can be used as a HID device (also, the USB-C connector means you don't need an extra micro-usb cable hanging around!) My only compliant is that that the amount of flash available to store your code is pretty small. That means if you want to use Circuit Playground you will only have room for one or two additional library files. I wanted to have some neopixels in my project but there was insufficient space to include the neopixel library once I had all the HID libraries in. If you're just building a little project, this is perfect, but for anything more complex I would suggest looking at the Itsy bitsy m0 or m4 from Adafruit.


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