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SparkFun Electronics

SparkFun Electronics

SparkFun is bekend van onder andere de populaire SparkFun Inventor's Kit. SparkFun ontwikkelt breakout en microcontroller boards voor de meest uiteenlopende elektronica projecten.

Ben je op zoek naar een bepaald artikel welke wij nog niet in het assortiment hebben? Neem dan contact met ons op zodat wij deze voor je kunnen bestellen.

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The SparkFun Inventor’s Kit (SIK) is a great way to get started with programming and hardware ..
€ 109,95 Excl. BTW: € 90,87
Welcome the RedBot Basic Kit, a robotic development platform capable of teaching two motor robotics ..
€ 99,95 Excl. BTW: € 82,60
Digital calipers are an absolute essential. These premium calipers come with an extra battery a..
€ 17,50 Excl. BTW: € 14,46
Two pin JST connector to a 2.1x 5.5mm barrel jack, 6.25 inch long jumper cable. We use this cable to..
€ 3,50 Excl. BTW: € 2,89
This is a common 555 timer/oscillator from TI. A classic for all of those first year circuits projec..
€ 1,25 Excl. BTW: € 1,03
This alcohol sensor is suitable for detecting alcohol concentration on your breath, just like your c..
€ 5,95 Excl. BTW: € 4,92
This is a simple-to-use Carbon Monoxide (CO) sensor, suitable for sensing CO concentration..
€ 8,50 Excl. BTW: € 7,02
This is a simple cable that adapts from a USB port to a 5.5x2.1mm barrel connector, center positive...
€ 3,50 Excl. BTW: € 2,89
Simple breakout board for the MQ - 3, MQ - 4 and MQ - 6 gas sensors. All you need is VCC at 5V, GND,..
€ 1,15 Excl. BTW: € 0,95
The GP-735 is a slim, ultra-high performance, easy to use GPS smart antenna receiver. With -162dBm t..
€ 47,95 Excl. BTW: € 39,63
The GP-20U7 is a compact GPS receiver with a built-in high performances all-in-one GPS chipset. The ..
€ 18,50 Excl. BTW: € 15,29
Faster, cheaper, smaller, better, right? The SN754410 Quad Half H-Bridge is just that. Capable of dr..
€ 2,75 Excl. BTW: € 2,27
This is a simple-to-use hydrogen gas sensor, suitable for sensing hydrogen concentrations ..
€ 9,50 Excl. BTW: € 7,85
This is a 4 pack of wires that are pre-terminated with an alligator clip on one end and a hookup pig..
€ 3,50 Excl. BTW: € 2,89
A very powerful 5mW green laser. Fun, but don’t point in anyone’s eyes. These units incl..
€ 17,50 Excl. BTW: € 14,46
We all know that you can never get too many LEDs. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Th..
€ 3,50 Excl. BTW: € 2,89
This is the LIDAR-Lite v3, a compact, high-performance optical distance measurement sensor from Garm..
€ 179,95 Excl. BTW: € 148,72
This straight bar load cell (sometimes called a strain gauge) can translate up to 10kg of pressure (..
€ 8,50 Excl. BTW: € 7,02
This load sensor, sometimes called a strain gauge, is the same one found in digital bathroom scales ..
€ 11,95 Excl. BTW: € 9,88
This is a simple-to-use liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)sensor, suitable for sensing LPG (composed..
€ 5,95 Excl. BTW: € 4,92
You may be the greatest living banana-pianist, but how will you ever know if you don’t make yo..
€ 68,95 Excl. BTW: € 56,98
You may be the greatest living banana-pianist, but how will you ever know if you don’t make yo..
€ 57,95 Excl. BTW: € 47,89
This is a simple-to-use compressed natural gas (CNG)sensor, suitable for sensing natural gas (c..
€ 5,95 Excl. BTW: € 4,92
These enclosures allow you to mount your micro gearmotor to other Actobotics products easily. O..
€ 1,75 Excl. BTW: € 1,45
This is a 3-terminal microswitch two pack, each equipped with a 20mm offset lever actuator. These sw..
€ 3,50 Excl. BTW: € 2,89
This is a 3-terminal microswitch two pack, each equipped with a 19mm roller lever actuator. This swi..
€ 2,95 Excl. BTW: € 2,44
This non-invasive current sensor (also known as a “split core current transformer”) ..
€ 11,95 Excl. BTW: € 9,88
Als je alles al hebt gehackt, waarom dan niet verder gaan met je auto? Deze kabel kan aangesloten wo..
€ 11,50 Excl. BTW: € 9,50
Need to measure precise pH? This kit includes everything you need including buffer solutions for cal..
€ 174,95 Excl. BTW: € 144,59
Piezo elements come in handy when you need to detect vibration or a knock. You can use these for tap..
€ 1,75 Excl. BTW: € 1,45
Heart rate data can be really useful whether you’re designing an exercise routine, studying yo..
€ 28,95 Excl. BTW: € 23,93
Through-hole RJ11 socket with PCB mounting posts. 6-pin connection - housing accepts common telephon..
€ 1,65 Excl. BTW: € 1,36
These are simple through-hole RJ45 sockets with PCB mounting posts. These 8-pin connectors are commo..
€ 1,95 Excl. BTW: € 1,61
Rotary encoders can be used similarly to potentiometers. The difference being that an encoder has fu..
€ 4,50 Excl. BTW: € 3,72
Screw Terminals with 3.5mm pitch pins. Comes in 2 or 3 positions and have the really cool feature of..
€ 1,15 Excl. BTW: € 0,95
The SparkFun 9DoF Sensor Stick is an easy-to-use 9 Degrees of Freedom IMU. The Sensor Stick deftly u..
€ 16,50 Excl. BTW: € 13,64
Your 5V system can wield great power with this big, beefy relay board. How does 10A on the NC contac..
€ 9,50 Excl. BTW: € 7,85
The SparkFun Beginner Parts Kit is a small container of parts frequently used by beginning (or even ..
€ 16,95 Excl. BTW: € 14,01
You don’t have the power? Well, there’s no need to ask Scotty – the SparkFun Bench..
€ 22,95 Excl. BTW: € 18,97
This is a kit that provides you with a basic assortment of capacitors to start or continue your elec..
€ 8,95 Excl. BTW: € 7,40
The Digital Sandbox (DS) is a learning platform that engages both the software and hardware worlds. ..
€ 84,95 Excl. BTW: € 70,21
This is the Add-On kit for the SparkFun Digital Sandbox (DS) learning platform. With this add-on you..
€ 16,95 Excl. BTW: € 14,01
The SparkFun ESP32 Thing is a comprehensive development platform for Espressif’s ESP32, their ..
€ 23,95 Excl. BTW: € 19,79
The SparkFun ESP8266 Thing is a breakout and development board for the ESP8266 WiFi SoC – a le..
€ 18,50 Excl. BTW: € 15,29
Want to start playing with sensors, but don’t know where to begin? This kit includes a variety..
€ 45,95 Excl. BTW: € 37,98
This is the newest iteration of the SparkFun Inventor’s Kit (SIK) Carrying Case. This spi..
€ 6,95 Excl. BTW: € 5,74
If you use the SparkFun Inventors Kit in a classroom or workshop setting, you know that when a bunch..
€ 28,95 Excl. BTW: € 23,93
The SparkFun Inventor’s Kit for Photon is a great way to get started in the fresh IoT world an..
€ 124,95 Excl. BTW: € 103,26
The SparkFun Large Digit Driver is a chainable controller backpack that can be soldered directly to ..
€ 8,25 Excl. BTW: € 6,82