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SparkFun Electronics

SparkFun Electronics

SparkFun is bekend van onder andere de populaire SparkFun Inventor's Kit. SparkFun ontwikkelt breakout en microcontroller boards voor de meest uiteenlopende elektronica projecten.

Ben je op zoek naar een bepaald artikel welke wij nog niet in het assortiment hebben? Neem dan contact met ons op zodat wij deze voor je kunnen bestellen.

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Als je alles al hebt gehackt, waarom dan niet verder gaan met je auto? Deze kabel kan aangesloten wo..
€ 11,50 Excl. BTW: € 9,50
Piezo elements come in handy when you need to detect vibration or a knock. You can use these for tap..
€ 1,75 Excl. BTW: € 1,45
Heart rate data can be really useful whether you’re designing an exercise routine, studying yo..
€ 28,95 Excl. BTW: € 23,93
Through-hole RJ11 socket with PCB mounting posts. 6-pin connection - housing accepts common telephon..
€ 1,65 Excl. BTW: € 1,36
Dit is eenvoudige through-hole RJ45 connector met bevestigings pinnen voor je PCB. Deze 8-..
€ 1,95 Excl. BTW: € 1,61
Rotary Encoder - 1024 P/R (Quadrature) Langer dan 2 weken
This 1024 pulse per rotation rotary encoder outputs gray code which you can interpret using a microc..
€ 47,95 Excl. BTW: € 39,63
Rotary encoders are used similarly to potentiometers. They’re different from potentiometers in..
€ 3,25 Excl. BTW: € 2,69
Screw Terminals with 3.5mm pitch pins. Comes in 2 or 3 positions and have the really cool feature of..
€ 1,15 Excl. BTW: € 0,95
Deze sensor met draadklem kan vastgemaakt worden rond een stroomlijn om je te vertellen hoeveel st..
€ 11,95 Excl. BTW: € 9,88
Here is a simple, low-cost, high quality servo for all your mechatronic needs. This servo is very si..
€ 9,95 Excl. BTW: € 8,22
This is the versatile Hitec HS-425BB servo. This little guy is able to take in 6 volts and deliver 5..
€ 24,95 Excl. BTW: € 20,62
The SparkFun 9DoF Sensor Stick is an easy-to-use 9 Degrees of Freedom IMU. The Sensor Stick deftly u..
€ 16,50 Excl. BTW: € 13,64
The CCS811 Air Quality Breakout is a digital gas sensor solution that senses a wide range of Total V..
€ 23,95 Excl. BTW: € 19,79
Your 5V system can wield great power with this big, beefy relay board. How does 10A on the NC contac..
€ 10,95 Excl. BTW: € 9,05
The SparkFun Beginner Parts Kit is a small container of parts frequently used by beginning (or even ..
€ 19,50 Excl. BTW: € 16,12
You don’t have the power? Well, there’s no need to ask Scotty – the SparkFun Bench..
€ 21,95 Excl. BTW: € 18,14
This is a kit that provides you with a basic assortment of capacitors to start or continue your elec..
€ 9,50 Excl. BTW: € 7,85
The Digital Sandbox (DS) is a learning platform that engages both the software and hardware worlds. ..
€ 84,95 Excl. BTW: € 70,21
This is the Add-On kit for the SparkFun Digital Sandbox (DS) learning platform. With this add-on you..
€ 16,95 Excl. BTW: € 14,01
De SparkFun ESP32 Thing is een veelvoudig bruikbaar development platform voor Espressif’s ESP3..
€ 23,95 Excl. BTW: € 19,79
The SparkFun ESP32 Thing Power Control Shield enables the ESP32 Thing to switch up to 5A of a DC loa..
€ 41,95 Excl. BTW: € 34,67
The SparkFun ESP8266 Thing is a breakout and development board for the ESP8266 WiFi SoC – a le..
€ 18,50 Excl. BTW: € 15,29
Want to start playing with sensors, but don’t know where to begin? This kit includes a variety..
€ 45,95 Excl. BTW: € 37,98
De SparkFun Inventor’s Kit (SIK) is een goede manier om aan de slag te gaan met programmeren e..
€ 109,95 Excl. BTW: € 90,87
The SparkFun Inventor’s Kit for Photon is a great way to get started in the fresh IoT world an..
€ 119,95 Excl. BTW: € 99,13
The SparkFun Large Digit Driver is a chainable controller backpack that can be soldered directly to ..
€ 9,50 Excl. BTW: € 7,85
This is the SparkFun LED Starter Kit, an ultimate assortment of LEDs packed into a single red box! N..
€ 41,95 Excl. BTW: € 34,67
The SparkFun Load Cell Amplifier is a small breakout board for the HX711 IC that allows you to easil..
€ 11,95 Excl. BTW: € 9,88
The SparkFun Load Sensor Combinator is a bare PCB that combines four load sensors into a standard fo..
€ 2,35 Excl. BTW: € 1,94
The SparkFun bi-directional logic level converter is a small device that safely steps down 5V signal..
€ 3,50 Excl. BTW: € 2,89
Robots zijn leuk en de micro:bit is de perfecte controller om te leren hoe je een robot moet bouwen ..
€ 74,95 Excl. BTW: € 61,94
The SparkFun Mini GPS Shield equips your Arduino Mini with access to a GPS module, µSD memory ..
€ 15,50 Excl. BTW: € 12,81
SparkFun Monster Moto Shield Langer dan 2 weken
This is essentially a ramped up version of SparkFun's Ardumoto motor driver shield. For this Spa..
€ 84,95 Excl. BTW: € 70,21
This board allows you to interface with your car’s OBD-II bus. It provides you a serial interf..
€ 57,95 Excl. BTW: € 47,89
The SparkFun OpenLog is an open source data logger that works over a simple serial connection and su..
€ 18,50 Excl. BTW: € 15,29
This is a board designed for opto-isolation. This board is helpful for connecting digital s..
€ 5,75 Excl. BTW: € 4,75
The SparkFun MAX30105 Particle Sensor is a flexible, powerful sensor enabling sensing of distance, h..
€ 16,95 Excl. BTW: € 14,01
The SparkFun Photon Weather Shield is an easy-to-use add-on board that grants you access to barometr..
€ 38,95 Excl. BTW: € 32,19
SparkFun Power Driver Shield Kit Langer dan 2 weken
This shield allows you to use a computer power supply (or other power source) to use your Arduino to..
€ 22,95 Excl. BTW: € 18,97
The SparkFun RedBoard combines the simplicity of the UNO’s Optiboot bootloader (which is used ..
€ 22,95 Excl. BTW: € 18,97
This is the SparkFun RJ11 Breakout, two simple breakout boards for the common 6-pin RJ11 connector. ..
€ 2,35 Excl. BTW: € 1,94
RJ45-connectoren zijn vooral bekend van het gebruik bij Ethernet-aansluitingen, maar het zijn&n..
€ 1,25 Excl. BTW: € 1,03
This is a clever little breakout board for both the RGB and R/G illuminated rotary encoders. On one ..
€ 3,25 Excl. BTW: € 2,69
Do you have a good understanding of various sensors or need a variety of them for a project? This ki..
€ 144,95 Excl. BTW: € 119,79
The SparkFun Servo Trigger is a small robotics board that simplifies the control of hobby RC ser..
€ 21,95 Excl. BTW: € 18,14
This is the latest version of SparkFun's popular through-hole Simon Says Kit. Some changes were ..
€ 31,95 Excl. BTW: € 26,41
The SparkFun Soil Moisture Sensor is a simple breakout for measuring the moisture in soil and simila..
€ 5,75 Excl. BTW: € 4,75
This is the Sunny Buddy, a maximum power point tracking (MPPT) solar charger for single-cell LiPo ba..
€ 27,95 Excl. BTW: € 23,10
The SparkFun Tinker Kit (STK) is a great way to get started with programming and hardwar..
€ 57,95 Excl. BTW: € 47,89
This is a breakout board for the SP3485 RS-485 transceiver IC, which will convert a UART serial stre..
€ 12,95 Excl. BTW: € 10,70