The MagPi - #67 - Retro Computing

The MagPi - #67 - Retro Computing
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Discover the joys of Retro Computing and turn your Raspberry Pi into a C64, Amiga, BBC Micro, or any number of classic computers. And learn how to put a Raspberry Pi inside an old Sinclair Spectrum for the ultimate retro-modern machine. All in this month’s edition of The MagPi.

All this inside The MagPi #67:

  • Retro Computing. Rediscover classic computers with Raspberry Pi
  • Pi Security. Use Tor and Pi Hole to protect yourself online
  • Build a Geiger counter. Measure radiation with Raspberry Pi
  • Lunchbox arcade. A tiny lunchbox-sized arcade machine
  • Wii controller. Use Wii Nunchucks with your Raspberry Pi
  • And much, much more!

FREE Raspberry Pi Desktop DVD with print edition!

Get your free DVD with the print edition of The MagPi. Live boot and install Debian Stretch with Raspberry Pi Desktop on a Mac or PC computer.

Merk: Raspberry Pi Foundation
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