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TotemDuino Micro Lab

TotemDuino Micro Lab
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TotemDuino Micro Lab is a breadboarding and testing unit. A perfect platform for learning electronics and programming for a beginner or a hobbyist user. A laboratory built on a sturdy Totem mechanical structure and based on an open-source Arduino platform.

This is a perfect tool for a beginner or a hobbyist user. Micro Lab contains the TotemDuino board, which is an improved version of the Arduino UNO, with 100% software compatibility.

What’s in the box

  • Building instructions - suggested use of Totem parts for building a workbench where everything neatly mounts together
  • TotemDuino board - Totem's improved version of the Arduino UNO
  • Breadboard CYB-60 - the experimentation area
  • Standard USB 2.0 Mini Cable -  A-male to mini-male
  • Collection of Totem construction parts -  for building Totem workbench
  • Totem magnetic screwdriver with strong magnetic grip - bolt firmly stays on screwdriver even when shaking it

Main features

  • Wide power supply range - from 5 to 30 VDC
  • TotemDuino board - Totem's improved version of the Arduino UNO with 32kB flash memory
  • Powerful voltage regulator - up to 1.5A at 5V
  • Compatible with Totem MiniLab Side Panel extension boards as an expansion

Micro Lab frame

  • No more messy electronics: Micro Lab is organized on a 3-dimensional frame; it is easy to see, wire and to reach all elements
  • It is easy to upgrade: add extra mechanics or electronics
  • Micro Lab includes all mechanical elements needed for assembly of the frame: Totem Beams are already cut and ready to use. Totem Magnetic Screwdriver is included
  • Move your Micro Lab safely without any wires losing connection or mishaps


TotemDuino expands upon the great Arduino UNO platform idea. While it is kept fully backwards compatible with Arduino, a lot of additional features are included as well:

  • Output protection - all of its output pins going into LabBoard are protected against over-voltage or short-circuit conditions
  • Expansion port - a 34-pin flat-cable connection connects to the LabBoard for easy pin access
  • Powerful 5V regulator - you will be less likely to run out of power while experimenting with higher power loads
  • Selectable microcontroller logic voltage - TotemDuino can work with both 5V and 3.3V logic voltage just by the flip of a switch

Expand Micro Lab with Side Panels

Totem Micro Lab can be used with Side Panels - they give you access to various pre-built sensors, drivers, buttons and relays. Side Panels attach directly to the Micro Lab structure and simple breadboard wires are used for connections.

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